Why do Prime Ministers and Presidents, CEOs and Celebrities, turn to 202 strategies

The hallmark of our work is the development of political, media, and communications strategies, based on deep insights into your voters, consumers, or target audiences gathered through polling and focus groups.

Global Experience

We've worked on the ground in 20 countries to  conduct  more than 30 political and corporate campaigns.

Absolute Discretion

We earn the trust of our clients through excellent work conducted in complete secrecy and assured confidentiality. 

Research-Based Strategies
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Our Founder

Cited by Campaigns and  Elections magazine  as "James Carville’s young protégé,"  Stephan Miller is a message maven, ad maker, and strategist  with  broad international experience across twenty countries helping leaders  communicate, politicians win elections, and CEOs respond to crises. In over 30 political and corporate campaigns, Miller’s clients have  included Presidents, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Mayors, political  organizations, CEOs and corporate clientele worldwide, with extensive  work in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Miller has been cited widely in the media, including  the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNN, FOX, France24, Al Jazeera, and other leading news outlets. 


The President of XXXXXXXXX faced a national and international challenge to his legitimacy from the opposition party. With our polling, strategy development, media coaching, speechwriting, and immersive communications consulting, the President retained his power and served out his term as a leading voice in Africa.  


XXXXXXX’s second largest TV station lost almost 20% of its viewership in less than a year. We conducted focus groups among target groups of consumers to understand the underlying reasons why once-dependable viewers had increasingly begun to switch to a rival station. We developed a strategy to win back every last viewer that was lost. The station’s ratings have since returned. 


Before  XXXXXXXXXXX appeared on BBC’s HardTalk and CBS’ 60 Minutes – the toughest TV interview programs in the world – we negotiated the terms, prepared him with talking points and sound bites, trained him with mock interviews, all to perfect his message delivery and success on-camera.

Case Studies


As XXXXXXXXXXXXX debated entering politics for the first time, he didn’t know whether to join a small party or start his own party. We parachuted in, conducted polling among likely voters, and translated the results into a long-term political strategy. Today, he is serving as head of a party, in his fourth Ministry-level role, and is certain to one day be the Prime Minister of XXXXXXX.


Facing trouble among millennials nationwide, the XXXXX brought us in to conduct focus groups across a variety of millennial communities to understand the brand position of XXXXXX and its growing competition. We developed a messaging strategy to defend their brand – and fight back against the opposition successfully.


XXXXXXXXXXX  won a Gold Medal in London in 2012 and was immediately catapulted into international fame, but had never before appeared in the media. With regular speechwriting and reputation consulting, XXXX is now one of the most sought-after motivational speakers and brand sponsors around the world.